DanceStreams Club Beat Radio is hosted on  To launch DanceStreams, you must temporarily disable you browser's pop-up blocker as the above link will open a pop-up window.  You can temporarily disable most pop-up blockers by holding down "Ctrl" while you click the above link.

For CD quality sound, we recommend you listen to DanceStreams with Winamp Player using an MP3Pro plugin.  See instructions below

Click here for FAQs on listening to DanceStreams on  DanceStreams is a free broadcast, though regular listeners will need to create a free Live365 listener account.

Become a Preferred Listener

You may wish to consider listening to DanceStreams as a Preferred Live365 Member.  Benefits of a Preferred membership include CD-Quality (without using Winamp Player and an MP3Pro plugin), commercial-free listening, and unlimited access to DanceStreams regardless of the number of current listeners.  Click the banner to the right for more details.

Listening to DanceStreams with Winamp Player in MP3Pro

1)  Download and install the latest version of Winamp Player for FREE.  All three versions will work with Live365, including the "Lite" version.

2)  Download and install the latest version of the Winamp MP3Pro Plug-in for FREE.

3)  When you launch DanceStreams for the first time, select "MP3Player" in's Listening Wizard.  Otherwise, click here to modify your Listener Settings (you may need to sign into your free Live365 listener account).

4)  After launching DanceStreams a File Download screen may appear.  Select "Open this file from its current location", and if prompted to choose a program, select Winamp Player, check "Always use this program to open this file", and click OK.

5)  For additional help, click here, or feel free to contact us with any questions.

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